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Viewer Stats

Posted: 13 June 19 11:10 am
by No_Tomorrow

I'm wondering if the GCA website admins can see statistics on how many times a cache page has been hit over a period of time? Or can you tell if there is an unusual spike in new members signing up?

I'm asking because Cached, Seemyshell and I made a fuss about 'Nude up for a smilie' in our latest podcast and I'm wondering if we managed to get people to check out the page, and hopefully discover the world of GCA. It would be interesting to see how much influence we can have, and to see if I can manage to get people to check GCA out.

And to those of you who watch the live recording, I appreciate the comments and links to GCA caches etc being posted in the comments. Thank you. There is only so much I can say without making things messy in the podcast.

Re: Viewer Stats

Posted: 13 June 19 11:45 am
by caughtatwork
You can ask the cache owner. They see a simple "count" of how many people have viewed the geocache listing page. They cannot see a count over time. But if the cache owner asks we can provide it to them or publicly if they ask for that instead.