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What's happening in NZ?

Posted: 22 May 19 4:36 pm
by Geocaching Australia
Do you go geocaching in New Zealand. Did you ever get there and look for Geocaching Australia geocaches only to be disappointed that there were so very few around? Would you like to be finding a few more as a visitor or a local? Then something exciting is coming your way soon.

Re: What's happening in NZ?

Posted: 27 May 19 2:03 am
by Goldenwattle
I log the NZ trigs. They are my main GA interest in Australia too. I have found and published a number of trigs in NZ. Three in the North Island, eight in the South Island and three on Stewart Island. Although no one else has logged the Stewart Island ones yet.
I have noticed some NZers logging them too, as well as Australians.