Podcache MP3 file hosting at Geocaching Australia

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Podcache MP3 file hosting at Geocaching Australia

Post by Geocaching Australia » 15 April 19 2:09 pm

As of 25 September 2018 Geocaching Australia implemented an audio album for geocachers to upload small mp3 files for their PodCaches.


We restrict the files to 1MB which makes them too small to upload music files, but large enough for a reasonable voice recording at the appropriate bit rate.
We restrict you to 5 files per Podcache listing to minimise bandwidth use and to avoid us being used a file storage site.
Audio uploads are restricted to Podcaches only.

So if you have been thinking about creating a Podcache but you have felt hamstrung by a lack of location to store your audio files, then Geocaching Australia is now the place where you can store all of Podcaching information together.

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