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Shop Postage (Pathtags)

Posted: 20 November 18 11:21 am
by Zalgariath
Hey guys, just a quick heads up. On my last 2 PT orders they have only had a $1 stamp which was not enough to cover the postage and I had to go into the post office and correct the difference (small post pack should be $3.50). You may need to update the shop postage rates! :-$

Re: Shop Postage (Pathtags)

Posted: 20 November 18 11:31 am
by caughtatwork
Australia Post are a pack of <censored>. They are NEVER supposed to charge the end user. They are supposed to send me a bill for the difference and a fee. Oh, if there was only another way to get mail out other than the abomination that is AP.

Re: Shop Postage (Pathtags)

Posted: 20 November 18 1:47 pm
by Zalgariath
No worries!

Re: Shop Postage (Pathtags)

Posted: 15 March 19 2:48 pm
by gmj3191
I'm surprised they bother, they must have a very conscientious postal clerk somewhere.
I once worked as a night sorter as a part time job while I was at Uni.

If a sorter thought a letter was over weight, they had to stop work, fill out an entry in a book, attach a sticker to the letter, and put it aside for action by the day staff. It was all too much trouble, and you copped angst from the day staff.

I suppose these days sorting machines might get involved and some level of automation, but I just checked.
I use cardboard CD/photo mailers (costing 40 cents each in bulk) and I've just weighed them.
I always stick a $1 stamp on locals, and I've posted hundreds. Looks like it should be $2.
One of the dimensions is 20mm over, and the other is 30 mm under the $1 limits.

I always put $3 stamps on them for overseas, and it looks like if there's more than three tags the weight tips it into the $7.50 class.
But I've never had a problem.