My Query output used as input to the statistics generators

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Laighside Legends
10000 or more caches found
10000 or more caches found
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My Query output used as input to the statistics generators

Post by Laighside Legends » 11 January 16 4:38 pm

caughtatwork wrote:
Laighside Legends wrote:Just had an idea...

Would it be possible to get stats on just the caches returned from a query? (think along the lines of setting a query in GSAK and then running FindStatGen) But this could be extended beyond just found caches. Could be used to answer questions along the lines of, of the caches in the zone x which has the most finds?, what percentage of SA's caches are micros?, In which month were the most events held?, Of the caches hidden by x and found by me what percentage are puzzles?, and so on...

Not sure if any of that is possible but it seemed like a good idea...
Great idea. Not sure how feasible it is. The stats produced at the moment can't be added to by the user. They are all coded by the developers. Adding in a MyQuery to the same stats is conceptually feasible. Adding other stats is not something I can think of as to how it can be done. You are talking about an open query engine which I wouldn't know how to implement. There's also a huge risk that a malformed query can hang the DB. At least using GSAK you only hang your own PC. Obviously you can get the data you want in the raw form by the query, you just can't use GCA to manipulate it to derive additional statistics. Maybe for the arcane queries you need to go to GSAK and import the query data from GCA and then write / run your own macros? Dunno. This is an interesting discussion.
While making your own stats would be nice there are a lot of problems like you say. But that's not what I was suggesting...

The list of things at is fine (and if not than that's a different problem) but as it currently stands, you can only filter by state and GCA caches/non-GCA caches. What if you could feed the output from any query (from into the currently available stat graphs at

This seems like it might require a lot of computational power but I might be wrong there...

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Re: My Query output used as input to the statistics generators

Post by caughtatwork » 03 September 18 3:06 pm

From a long time ago which never progressed.

How much is this of interest to anyone / everyone? It's a non-trivial amount of work to add the query generator output to all of the graphs and if this is required / requested by one person it's not worth pursuing. If, on the other hand, people are interested in this as an output and would use it, pipe up and we can look at the effort vs the potential return.

If you really, really want this, then encourage others to have their say. 2 people saying yes won't cut it, not will 5 or 10. We will need a lot of people to suggest this is a good use of our development resources before it can happen.

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