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The ABC virtual series

Posted: 31 August 18 4:55 pm
by MavEtJu
How do you know you are back home? Every city has its own story...

Wen flying into Sydney it's because you see the harbour.
For Canberrans it is when they see the Telstra tower on Black Mountain.
When I come back from the south it is because of the fog on the road near Darkest Forest.

But everybody knows they are home when they hear the ABC on the radio, it doesn't matter if you are listening to the national stations of Triple J, Radio National, News Radio, Classic FM or a to local station.

To celebrate this feeling of "This is home" a new series of virtuals has been created with all the ABC studios! Go to the building, make a photo of you in front of the building with the logo in the back and log it! You can find them all at

Enjoy, Edwin

Re: The ABC virtual series

Posted: 01 September 18 10:12 am
by whitewebbs
Thanks, another chance to snap a local icon and gain a smiley.