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Graphs and Meters and Maps

Post by Geocaching Australia » 13 June 18 8:37 pm

Geocaching Australia provide a wealth of statistics covering a broad range of achievements, but currently there is no way of quickly visualising how far away or close you are to reaching a certain target or goal that you may have. Likewise, if you are a dragonZone player, there is no quick way or assessing how far or close you are to earning a particular trophy.

We are planning on developing some meters, or thermometers, to accompany trophies and stats to help quickly visualise how close you are to reaching your target.

Geocaching Australia is seeking input from the community as to what "goal driven" graphics we can produce, whether they be for existing goals or new goals. What stats do you look at regularly, and are you trying to meet a certain target or accomplishment? What type of graphic, ie: pie chart, thermometer etc.

Let us know your thoughts in this thread, and we will see if we can make your suggestions a reality.

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