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The Morris
8500 or more caches found
8500 or more caches found
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Log sheets

Post by The Morris » 18 January 18 12:32 pm

I have also posted this on the Book Of Faces

Is it possible to create a files section as a repository for log sheets in different sizes? I seem to reinvent them every year - particularly for GCA or moveables. Most of the current ones available on line are not quite right, on letter paper, single sided, not editable etc
I don't mind if its on the book of faces or the website.

Or not@work, when you're head is back in the game is it possible to develop something like this for either site. But with the stash note incorporated? https://www.geocachingtoolbox.com/index ... ldLogSheet

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Re: Log sheets

Post by caughtatwork » 18 January 18 3:28 pm

Sure, drop anything you have to me and I'll upload them to the wiki.

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