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500 finds path tag

Posted: 09 August 17 1:30 pm
by lucky1955
I recently went past this mile stone and on the 24th July an email advised one was being sent.
As of today I have not seen it yet. Can you advise what date it was sent, it appears to be missing.

Re: 500 finds path tag

Posted: 09 August 17 2:50 pm
by caughtatwork
You don't get an email when the rewards are are sent. That the notification that you can claim one and requests your details. I packaged the pathtag on the afternoon of Saturday the 29th of July and it would have been in the mail on the following Monday. A week+ is, unfortunately, not unusual with Australia Post any more. In recent times I have had envelopes take 2+ weeks to get from Melbourne to Sydney and just under 2 weeks to the ACT. Please give it until the end of the week and if it is not received by last mail on Friday, let me know and I will send a replacement.