A New Geocache Type Competition

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A New Geocache Type Competition

Post by Geocaching Australia » 15 May 17 9:53 am

As part of Geocaching Australia's desire to provide growing geocaching opportunities to the geocachers of Australia, Geocaching Australia is seeking to expand the boundaries of geocaching to meet the ever growing demand for new geocache types and adventures.

We are offering the Geocaching Australia community an opportunity to be the lucky geocacher who has their idea for a new geocache type made available at Geocaching Australia. We're looking for a geocache that is worthy of being a new geocache type that pushes the boundaries of what geocachers might want to experience and remains in the spirit of the game of geocaching using a GPS to explore a location.

You have 4,000 characters to tell us about the geocache type that you have designed, how it works, what restrictions or limitations may apply and how it should all work via the Geocaching Australia website.

Each geocacher may only submit one entry, so think carefully before sending through your entry.


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Re: A New Geocache Type Competition

Post by MavEtJu » 15 May 17 10:38 am

Since sharing promotes collaboration and creativity, will the proposals be made public at the end of this competition?


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Re: A New Geocache Type Competition

Post by caughtatwork » 15 May 17 10:40 am


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