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GA becoming hard work?
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Author:  nutwood [ 26 March 17 8:28 pm ]
Post subject:  GA becoming hard work?

I'm trying to figure out what is happening to my interaction with GCA.
Every time I visit the site, I have to log in. Doesn't matter if I check the "remember me" box.
I try to reply to a post, suddenly my reply is gone and I have to log in again. I recently actually managed to contribute to a thread because I managed to use my back button to pick up the text of my reply; copy, paste, back in business!
It shouldn't be so hard. It's a PIA to have to continually re-enter user name and password, even if I was on the site seconds ago. I confess that I'm still using XP (world's third most used operating system) but I still can't see why I have to continually log in. No other site requires this.

Author:  CraigRat [ 26 March 17 9:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GA becoming hard work?

The forums are a bit of a pain right now, yes. This is the result of the server upgrade.

I've got to upgrade them as soon as I can. I've had a small issue with my health (nothing that major, but its got my focus right now) that's holding it up.
Shouldn't be too long and we'll have the forums back on track.

The main site doesn't have any issues we are aware of.

I recommend a current build of Chrome browser for the forums, it will usually keep you logged in providing you don't close a tab. If you are using an out of date browser on XP then there's no guarantee the new forum software or the website itself will work for you either to be honest.

Author:  Richary [ 27 March 17 8:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GA becoming hard work?

The forum login thing is the case with whatever O/S and browser you are using at the moment. It will be fixed when CraigRat has time (I initially thought it was happening because I was away and using a different laptop, but the problem continued when I got home). Not sure about posts not working though. I don't have to re login unless I close the tab.

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