Corrected co-ords transferred from GSAK via GPX import

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3000 or more caches found
3000 or more caches found
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Corrected co-ords transferred from GSAK via GPX import

Post by Tardis » 03 April 16 6:10 pm

Cross-posted from another forum. My apologies if this is incorrect, but it's a possible bug of concern...
I have just done a my finds import using the usual process I follow (tag all recently logged GC finds in GSAK, export as GPX & import via My Import). Normally this works as expected. Any solved puzzles where I have corrected coords in GSAK do NOT get updated on GCA by this process. Today I had one that went through with a "coords updated" flag. It was only because my list was short that this was spotted.
Thinking it may be a furphy, I loaded the map from the GCA cache page for this GC cache. Sure enough it showed my corrected coords! Not good at all. Final GZ is quite a distance from listed so diff is obvious. I immediately downloaded a GPX of this cache from GC & re-uploaded that to GCA & it's repositioned the icon on the map back to GC listed. I hope this is right! Cache is GC2C70Z if it needs checking.
Note I do not store corrected coords on GC website, only in my local GSAK database. This could have major impact on puzzle caches if what I'm seeing has a ripple on effect.
One to check I think. In the interim, watch out for any puzzle caches with corrected coords going from GSAK to GCA.

I am happy to assist GCA in replicating this behaviour in the event it just might be an issue local to me.

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Re: Corrected co-ords transferred from GSAK via GPX import

Post by caughtatwork » 04 April 16 10:02 am

You are describing a problem which is insurmountable.

If a cache has co-ords which are different to ours they could be:
a. Moved
b. Corrected
c. Out of date

We accept whatever co-ordinates you import as the co-ordinates for the geocache. If you import a file of corrected co-ordinates, the site will update the co-ordinates. If you move them all to 0,0 then we'll set them to 0,0. I recommend you do not import a file with corrected co-ordinates. Only import the listed co-ordinates from the site.

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