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Geocaching Australia references

Post by Geocaching Australia » 22 February 16 11:30 am

There's a discussion in the Facebook Geocaching Melbourne group regarding Technical Tree Climbs in the City of Melbourne. I won't go into the details but essentially permission is now required so the CO approached City of Melbourne, who have decided to implement new rules. Again I won't go into the details. What I would like to bring to your attention is the mention of GCA and "There is a fairly simple solution for all this where you can pretty much publish what you want, no reviewers involved at all."

That's factually incorrect and caughtatwork has posted a correction. "Geocaching Australia has no reviewers and that puts the onus on the cache owner to follow the rule of law. We do not condone illegal activities. We put the onus on you to comply with the law. If a Geocaching Australia cache is identified as being placed illegally or against regulations it gets archived just as they do on other listing sites. Please don't equate no reviewers with illegal behaviour."

We do not encourage illegal activity. If you happen to spot a factually incorrect statement about Geocaching Australia, please correct it. We do not want the community believing that there we condone illegal activities. Folks who believe they are pushing the GCA agenda and are publishing incorrect or misleading information should be gently encouraged with the correct facts.

The "no rules" applies to everything but the law. That's non-negotiable and the onus is on the cacher to judge and decide.

We would like to have our social media manger looking after this, but as we don't have one we'd like the community to encourage correct information dissemination.

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