RSS feeds, a time to die.

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RSS feeds, a time to die.

Post by caughtatwork » 14 July 15 5:18 pm

GCA has had RSS feeds since pretty much the day it went live. With the demise of Google Reader some time ago (2013), the RSS world interest in Geocaching Australia has diminished to almost zero. Let's have a look at some statistics.

Top 10 .rss feeds by year from Geocaching Australia.
2009 Between 500 and 700 calls per month
2010 Between 5000 and 8000 calls per month
2011 Between 400 and 3000 calls per month
2012 Between 500 and 4000 calls per month
2013 Between 300 and 2000 calls per month
2014 Between 400 and 1800 calls per month
2015 Between 200 and 600 calls per month

The pattern is clear. RSS feeds are slowing to a huge degree. I suspect that a number of these were set up a long time ago and are simply being called without ever being read.

This is an announcement to the community that we are going to turn off the RSS feeds in the next 2-4 weeks. The reason behind the cull is for speed purposes. Not speed in terms of delivery of data, but to move Geocaching Australia to a more responsive code base which will make us speedier at responding to any changes necessary. Lots of cruft in the code base makes for additional anslysis, design, code and test time.

The proposal was run past the senate and there were no objections. If you are still using an RSS reader, then we apologise for the inconvenience.

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Re: RSS feeds, a time to die.

Post by allrounder » 14 July 15 5:42 pm

Thanks for the heads up c@w (I had the feed going into my blog)...

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Re: RSS feeds, a time to die.

Post by roundcircle » 14 July 15 9:23 pm

What happened in 2010 to get the volumes so high?

(No issues turning this off from me.)

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Re: RSS feeds, a time to die.

Post by geo_jas » 15 July 15 5:58 pm

30 of this calls are mine as I update my RSS reader daily. It's convenient for me but not a big deal as I still check the forums on the website, just not as often.

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