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Re: 10 Years as a listing service

Posted: 07 January 15 10:34 pm
by belken
I remember the brouhaha that the original Tsunami listing caused as it was about the same time as we got serious into geocaching. Couldn't work out the fuss at first.

Someone can correct me but way back then a cache listed in WA, Blair Witch was logged by us in about mar2005. This was the first log on an original GCA traditional cache listing. ie not a import.

We have listed a few GCA traditionals and our first will be coming up to 5 years without a find in MAR2015. Our maintenance visits just about outnumber the finds. BTW the containers (ammo tins) have been in-place 10 years with some original swag still bone dry and undamaged by drought, fire and rain.

We will persist as long as the site persists.

Re: 10 Years as a listing service

Posted: 11 January 15 8:47 am
by Kittykatch
Thanks to everyone involved in keeping this site running. I have only been caching just over 2 years but have found GCA a great resource. One of my new year's resolutions is to hide some caches and run some events through GCA to encourage more members using the site.

Re: 10 Years as a listing service

Posted: 15 January 15 8:48 pm
by Taz
=D> Congratulations!!! =D>

It's a great site run by some great people, well done!