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Mapping Options

Posted: 17 February 12 10:54 pm
by calumphing_four
Is it possible for the Map filter options to be expanded from "Hide My Finds" and "Hide My Caches" to also include "Hide Traditionals", "Hide Multis", "Hide B&W" etc. etc. ??
Now that Groundspeak uses MapQuest their mapping is quite painful (not withstanding the fact they are missing GCA caches :) )
Cheers 8)

Re: Mapping Options

Posted: 18 February 12 12:07 pm
by caughtatwork
We have had this discussion before and the answer at the moment is, mostly no. The method we use for the maps is not very nice to you at your end (it's all javascript which runs on your machine). We are looking at better ways to do this, but it's not been a priority. ... =1&t=16185

The best workaround at the moment is to create a MyQuery, set your criteria then send it to the map. So in your MyQuery you would exclude what you didn't want and see the rest.

It's poor hack, but the best one we have at the moment.