Comercial solicitation via the GCA forums

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850 or more found!!!
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Comercial solicitation via the GCA forums

Post by CraigRat » 17 July 11 1:03 pm

We'd like to clarify some of the forum rules around advertising your business/geoshop in the forums.

The forums (and in particular the buy/sell forum) are for PRIVATE sale items only, not for any commercial geoshops or commercial promotions from vendors.

If you are a contributing member to the forums who has a new shop then we don't mind a post announcing it, but there is to be no further commercial advertising after that point.

Posts advertising new items either from your shop or your vendors will be removed.

This is a non-commercial community site and is not here to be a free of charge promotional platform for other businesses.

We hope you understand our position.

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Re: Comercial solicitation via the GCA forums

Post by caughtatwork » 17 July 11 1:06 pm

Refer to these:

Buy & Sell Forum: ... 27#p154327

Trackables Forum: ... 66#p105666

Both already state
Posts made with the intention of soliciting customers to a selling, tracking, or manufacturing website will not be tolerated.