WA - Senate Voting

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WA - Senate Voting

Post by caughtatwork » 01 March 10 10:51 am

Papa Bear_Left wrote:OK, someone has to be first!

I'd like to put myself forward for consideration as WA's representative on the Senate.

I've been caching for over seven years and was one of the first 20 people to sign on here when it was launched in 2003. Since then, I've placed about a hundred caches, most of them pretty well received, and I'm in the top ten posters on these forums (and that's just as PBL!)

You probably know that I'm also "theUMP", the reviewer responsible for Australia except Qld and NSW on geocaching.com.

However, even though I work for the "secondary site", I think I've demonstrated my support of GCA over the years. I served as a Senator when we were discussing the sponsorship deal and I raised a reasonable chunk of money for the server fund, as well as being a regular forum contributor. My GSAK grabs GCA feeds and they go onto my GPS and PDA right along with the gc caches.

As those of you know me will attest, I do have some strong opinions on geocaching, but I'm always very happy to hear and consider other opinions and to represent others' views. Heck, as a reviewer, I publish a lot of caches that I'd rather not, but that others seem happy to place and even find, so I've had practice at this sort of thing!
Papa Bear_Left is elected unopposed.

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