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optusnet email updates - please resubscribe if you want them

Posted: 17 June 09 9:47 pm
by ideology

if you are on optusnet and want to continue receiving the daily email updates, please check your email address in your profile and resubscribe


each day gca sends out 623 daily update email update plus a varying number of owner and watchlist updates. of the 623 daily update emails, 41 go to optusnet

naturally with a list this large we get email bounces. (think about it: if people change their email address once every two years, sending out 623 per day means you're going to get one new bounce every day.) we do our best to go through these bounces once a week and turn off the emails for those people. (this will be automatic one day...)

today sending email updates we started getting strange bounces:
- Deferred: Connection timed out with
- Too many bad recipients
- Too many bad recipients

so some people on optusnet aren't getting email updates. however, it also means that our server is being blocked from sending any emails to optusnet. we need to rectify this immediately because it's impacting our business and we don't our server to get blacklisted as a spamming site

so, we have turned off daily email updates for the 41 members who have optusnet email addresses. we apologise for this, but (a) you may not have been getting them anyway, and (b) you can always turn them back on again as long as you promise to check your email address!

so if you are on optusnet and want to continue receiving the daily email updates, please check your email address in your profile and resubscribe

we apologise for the inconvenience. we discussed this possibility with the developers a month or so ago and believe that c@w or craigrat has an automated method of bounce detection up their sleeve for a future release so this won't happen again!

Posted: 18 June 09 12:09 am
by Richary
Well I got my email this morning. But I know the problem, for some reason our work email got blacklisted by spamhaus etc a few months ago for some reason we still don't know. I assume you know the tools to check if your server is on one of their blacklists and unblock it.

If not just google email and blacklist and it will bring up the sites.

Posted: 18 June 09 8:46 pm
by Fuddley
I re-subscribed last night but still miss this mornings up date, is there still a problem or does it take time for the subscription to reset?

Posted: 18 June 09 9:51 pm
by ideology
you did the right thing and the subscription is instantaneous
however, optus bounced your message with the following error:
Relaying denied. IP name possibly forged

we were hoping that optus would automatically remove us from its blacklist but apparently we are still there. it looks like we'll have to contact the abuse section at optus to see if they can lift the restriction

Posted: 19 June 09 4:33 pm
by Fuddley
Updates now coming through as usual, thanks for sorting this out