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Little help please!?

Posted: 13 July 08 12:44 am
by Captain Terror
hey heyy!

im only new to geocaching, ive already been out and found 2 caches that were listed on GCA site. however, i cant work out how to use the site ie. show caches ive found.

can anyone help me, or give me some pointers. would be greatly appreciated as im really excited about really getting into the sport.
:) :)
my email-

Posted: 13 July 08 11:11 am
by Swampy
It is always a good idea to read what is in the wiki.

A good place to start is here:

Posted: 13 July 08 12:03 pm
by Geof
May I suggest a name change. Seriously.

A box hidden by "Captain Terror" sounds like an invitation for a rather unfortunate misunderstanding when it comes to muggles or worse still authorities.

On a more posative note Welcome :)

Posted: 13 July 08 12:22 pm
by caughtatwork
This is your profile page which you can get to under the My tab on the navigation bar.
From the second navigation bar you can see all sorts of wonderful things.

Posted: 13 July 09 11:27 pm
by Captain Terror
thanks for that, you people are heroes :P i found what i needed to. and sorry the names staying :)