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by setsujoku
29 June 05 10:05 am
Forum: Software / Hardware Solutions
Topic: HTML and Palm Vx
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Re: Cachemate

Hi A BIG BIG BIG thankyou to Rhinogeo and Aushiker for putting me onto Cachemate you have ended my frustration. It is the best $10.00 I have spent yet. Easy to follow, easy to use. If a novice like myself can use it then anyone can!!!!!!! Also thanks to others who provided other info very much appr...
by setsujoku
16 June 05 9:39 am
Forum: Software / Hardware Solutions
Topic: New Program - GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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<P>I run 3 queries, a couple of times a week. The first one that i run covers any placed in the state before the 1/1/2004, the second covers any placed between the 1/1/2004 and 1/8/2005, the third, which at the moment doesnt return any results, is anything placed after the 1/8/2005.</P> <P>At this s...
by setsujoku
06 June 05 9:28 am
Forum: General Chit-Chat
Topic: Pocket Queries, not recieving
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<P>I noticed that mine are running a little late today. I've received 2 out of the 3 that run this morning, but there 3rd is yet to come.</P><P> The 2nd query i received was about 7 hours later than normal, so something must be going awol.</P>
by setsujoku
19 January 05 11:12 am
Forum: Geocaching Australia Web site
Topic: Where the hell do you go to set up your caching name[closed]
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Yeah i was starting to wonder about how to set up my caching name as well.

I went all the way through the FAQ, and still couldnt get it to work.