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by Hounddog
18 April 03 12:45 am
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Topic: Personal Comms equipment
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This is something I know a lot about as I have been a radio hobbyist for over 25 years and published a radio frequency and how to guide many years ago. I was going to suggest settling on a national standard frequency for geocachers as well. We always use Channel 15 UHFCB. You could use any full powe...
by Hounddog
17 April 03 3:07 am
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Scary to think we have passed along every one of the roads in your distorted map while searching for geocaches. The general pattern is what my backtrack record often looks like after reaching a typical ground zero.

by Hounddog
17 April 03 3:01 am
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Topic: Computer illiterate......
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About 18 months ago I wrote to several of the Bushwalking and outdoor activity magazines offering a story on Geocaching. Most of the editors were just not interested and wrote back telling me that the story was not on subject with their magazine. So I then wrote to several Electronics Mags with almo...
by Hounddog
17 April 03 2:49 am
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Topic: Craziest caching capers ???
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One of the craziest things to happen to me was when I found myself searching for a cache in some of the densest most horrible vegetation you could imagine. I got all scratched up and frustrated after about 2 hours of searching only to find that I had programmed the wrong co-ords into the GPS. Funny ...
by Hounddog
17 April 03 2:33 am
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Topic: Maps on cache pages....
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The system of maps that were featured on Geocaching,com some time back were from Mapblast. These maps were just so poor and inaccurate that most geocachers at the time (including myself) felt they were a hindrance rather than a help, so we asked for them to be removed. I can recall at least one occa...
by Hounddog
16 April 03 1:57 pm
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Movable caches

So what I want to know is how all this effects current caches., and how the site is going to police the "on vacation" rule. :?: