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by calumphing_four
28 February 07 10:20 am
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Topic: Does your boss know what you're up to...
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GeoScrubers wrote:@#$%!@ computers have GC and GCA as blocked sites "hobbies" :evil:
You could always download the puzzle caches at home, and spend the day at work in Excel, IrfanView etc. trying to solve them..... :?
by calumphing_four
08 February 07 9:39 pm
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Topic: Have we got stories like this?
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And I think I speak for my fellow reviewers in stating that we generally wouldn't publish a cache that was really a bomb. (That's assuming that the terrorists did the right thing and included a "note to reviewer" that this wasn't really a cache, it was an explosive device, of course, but you have t...