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by mrg
24 November 03 1:03 am
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Topic: Where are we all from??? (introduce yourself) parts 1&2
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Hi there, Michael here, I have been geocaching on and off for about a year. I am usually out with a mate Brad (when his wife allows), and we go by the names MRG and BJF. I came across Geocaching via a web, had a GPS (have done a bit of boating) and gave it a go. We would be interested in catching up...
by mrg
23 November 03 11:33 pm
Forum: General Chit-Chat
Topic: ANZ travel bugs
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I'll be the first to admit I am pretty new to Geocaching and have only been involved about a year or so. I recently purchased 5 travel bugs via the UK site and paid $53.39 including postage. I do like the idea of a copy or some second identification of the bug you have sent off into the wild. Maybe ...
by mrg
26 October 03 3:37 am
Forum: General Chit-Chat
Topic: GPS Reciever Poll
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I have been using a Garmin Etrex for about 3 years and found the unit great! I then came across a fellow cacher using a Megellan and was very impressed! I have since upgraded to the Platinum! Very cool features, especially love the compass and mapping!